AFRICA 4X4 CAFE: Expert advice on Self Drive Overland Expeditions in East and Southern Africa.

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AFRICA 4X4 CAFE: Thorn Tree

Like the Stanley Hotel's legendary Thorn Tree the Africa 4x4 Café's Thorn Tree is a meeting place for people looking for like minded people to ride with, travel with, or even buy a car with!


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Laurence Hurter I am actually planning an overland trip from South Africa (Kruger) down to Cape Town and up to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya and maybe Uganda. Starting at the end of February. I'd love to buy a car and to share my experiences/costs with some other (even if only a part). I am Swiss, 28years old, and have one year off to travel through Africa (mainly to discover more about its wildlife).