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The AFRICA 4X4 FUNDI: Professional 4x4 Safari Guide and Expedition Leader

Hi, my name is Enzo and I’ve lived in Africa since 1991. I trained and worked as a Learner Professional Hunter / Guide with Kumuna Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe and then as an Environmental Educator with the Wildlife Society of South Africa. Since then I've participated in many solo overland safaris in East and Southern Africa: South Africa to Kenya; Kenya to Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe to Kenya via Malawi and Kenya to South Africa via Ngorongoro and Zanzibar. I've also conducted the following multi-vehicle safaris: Kenya Tours, inc. Nairobi NP, Naivasha, Nakuru NP, Amboseli NP, Aberdare NP, Maasai Mara and Serengeti; Zimbabwe Tours. inc. Lake Kariba, Victoria Falls, Hwange NP, Matopos NP, and finally South Africa Tours (inc. Johannesburg & Kruger NP.), plus, I am currently planning a trans African safari. Some of these safaris are covered,by the year in which they occured, under Expeditions on my 4x4 Overland website. Working as a guide, hunter and educator has allowed me to build up a great deal of knowledge not just about overlanding but also about the peoples and cultures of Africa.

I will be pleased to share this knowledge and expertise with those of you who are about to embark on what is sure to be the "experience of a lifetime". Doing an overland safari in Africa, especially if inexperienced and unsupported, may be a bit daunting, and in fact this may even be the reason that your dream never gets off the ground, but with my help, you won't have to worry. I'll help you source, value & purchase an appropriate vehicle; aid with the paperwork: transfer of logbook, insurance, carnet etc and then help plan your ultimate overland adventure. If you want advice in buying or selling a 4x4 in Africa, or if you want to place a advert on this website, then just contact me and I'll be happy to help you.

NB: This service is based entirely on trust. I market, and potentially sell, your 4x4 vehicle. I trust you, the seller, to deal honestly with me and the potential buyer. If all goes well, you will sell your vehicle.

Anyway, go well,

Enzo, enzo(at)


There are good guys...



We thought the service you provided was top-notch and really appreciated your flexibility and patience with us. You and your website really helped us end our trip with a dream're a legend mate!

Nick & Zulf - 13.07.15 - Sold a SA registered Hilux Raider, in South Africa, through the Africa 4x4 Cafe website.


Before we left for our overland trip from London to South Africa, Enzo provided an invaluable source of information about rules, regulations and red tape.  He was a real star.  Our car was advertised on his website, and before long we had a buyer!  Our trip was made so much the easier knowing that our car was going to be sold and travel on, and we are incredibly grateful to Enzo for all his help in making this possible.

Phillippa - 16.02.13 - Sold a GB registered Toyota Surf, in South Africa, through the Africa 4x4 Cafe website.



You were really helpful during the whole process of selling my vehicle and your knowledge helped to smooth things out. Your suggestions of where to store the vehicle securely (on behalf of the buyer) and for a independent mechanic to check the road worthiness of the vehicle (again on behalf of the buyer) and for places to for us to stay where very helpful. Truth of the matter is, you did all these things and stayed in touch with both parties the entire time...this was a big plus and gave me the tools to sell, and the buyer the confidence to buy, my vehicle at so great a distance.

Thank you Enzo it was a win win situation for all of us.

Nick - 24.07.11 - Sold a Hilux Raider DC, SA registered, in Kenya through the Africa 4x4 Cafe website.


I would like to thank Enzo for all is help in explaining paperwork issues and smoothing out the purchase of my Landcruiser through this site. His advice was spot on and enabled me to import the vehicle into Zimbabwe having travelled around Southern Africa with no problems.It also ensured the safe return of the carnet to the sellers. I cannot recommend this site highly enough as it has been a pleasure to do business here.

Phillip - 12.04.11 - Bought an GB registered LC, in South Africa, through the Africa 4x4 Cafe website.


Thanks for all the invaluable information Enzo, we wouldn't have worked out all the logistics of our trip without your advice and would probably have ended up using buses or overlanders - and missed out on a number of things we did on our trip through Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Mozabique and South Africa. Getting the Landy on its way was easy on the Africa 4x4 website, she's currently on it's way back to Nairobi with a couple of Norwegians!

Laurence - 22.06.10 - Selling/Renting a Kenyan registered LR, in SA, through the Africa 4x4 Cafe website.


Special thanks to everyone that helped us with the process of buying our Toyota Landcruiser here in Kenya and for all of the priceless information and advice on traveling across the continent. In particular we would like to thank Enzo (Bundubasher) at http://www.africa4×

Read their advice on Buying a 4x4 in Kenya.

Kate & Ben - 21.09.09 - Feedback.


Really sorry about the very late reply. Seems like you can easily fall behind on replying to emails in Africa, and then you totally forget about replying!

We're currently in Uganda, having done SA, Lesotho, Swaziland, Moz, Zim, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

Having a great time, and really glad we're on this trip. Thanks a lot for helping us with the Comesa in Zim, that really helped.

As for the service, I honestly think it was top quality. You gave us a lot of information, and the fact that you had someone to check the car out for us was amazing service. I really don't think you could've improved the service. In my opinion it was of the highest standards.

Thanks again for everything,

Messy - 11.09.09 - Bought an GB registered LR, in South Africa, through the Africa 4x4 Cafe website.


You were very efficient...and very helpful in the whole process and so thank you for everything. You're offering a good service.

Hope - 10.08.09 - Sold a GB registered LR, in South Africa, through the Africa 4x4 Cafe website.


Enzo was such a great help with the sale of our land rover. His advise was fantastic when it came to registering the car to our buyer from the USA. All went smoothly. Thanks again.

Susan - 14.07.09 - Sold a SA registered LR, in South Africa, through the Africa 4x4 Cafe website.


Thanks so much for all your help and support. It gave us the confidence to be able to do our trip (Kenya to South Africa) independently when people told us it's crazy as we're not mechanically gifted and the paperwork process would be an endless nightmare. We ended up buying on our own in Kenya, but with your active support and marketing we were able to sell our 4X4 Pajero in Cape Town to an awesome family who are now busy driving our beloved "Pudding" back to Kenya. The process was simple and hassle free and using your services is definitely recommended. Thanks again.

Joey - 22.05.09 - Sold a Kenyan registered Pajero, in South Africa, through the Africa 4x4 Cafe website.


Thank you for putting together such a good, informative website. I was contemplating taking an overland tour because the logistics of self drive safari seemed to daunting. After reading your website, I am now seriously considering buying a vehicle and doing my own trip.

Richard - 26.04.09 - Feedback from the website.


Thanks again for all the effort you put into selling my car.

Kees - 9.10.08 - Sold a South African registered Nissan Patrol, in Kenya, through the Africa 4x4 Cafe website.


Without you I definitely would not have been able to go on to Safari down to Malawi. I had an amazing time so thanks very much and I'm happy to verify your good name to others!

James - 19.11.07 - Bought a Kenyan registered Hilux Surf, in Kenya, through the Africa 4x4 Cafe.


We had a great trip. After the 2 months in Kenya, we headed up to Ethiopia...

...I spent another 6 weeks travelling all around the northern circuit of Ethiopia. Lots to see, but it's a bit harder travelling than Kenya or Uganda. The people "hassle" was a lot more intense, and the country is not really set up for overlanders, with not many camping options. The Pajero had been really good and reliable the whole opportunity came up to sell the car to the local mechanic in Moyale...I was starting to run out of time before needing to come back to Oz for work, so the idea of making a quick sale was appealing. We were able to get a decent price, and close the sale in one day. They are so desperate for cars up there, that in a lot of ways it's a better option to selling in Nairobi, where there are a lot more cars (and sharks). We went back to Nairobi in a cattle truck (Worst 36 hours ever!), and then caught a bus to Kampala.

Thanks again for your hospitality when we were in Kenya, you definitely helped make it an awesome trip!


Anthony - 07.05.07 - Bought a Kenyan registered Isuzu Trooper, in Kenya, through the Africa 4x4 Cafe.


....and there are bad guys...


Thibault Jeannin advertised on, and sold his vehicle through, my website for 4500usd, he refuses to pay me any commision on the sale.

Thibault Jeannin's debt: 450 USD



Barrie Vandermolen screwed up my diesel engine and charged me storage fees for my vehicle:

£225. 00 from 14.08.04 – 31.08.04 Southampton Port Charges 18 days @ £12.50

But I hold a receipt dated the 26 08 2004, and signed by BV (AA membership no: 6356 0114 3228 9184), wherein, vehicle license number L598 JVN (nb: my vehicle) was diagnosed by the AA as having petrol in diesel and requiring permanent repair as soon as possible.

This shows me that:

1. BV was using my vehicle without my express permission on the 26-08-04.

2. We were made to believe that the vehicle was in Southampton Port as per BV's invoice and as per BV's letter of 31 08 2004 which states “we decided today to collect your vehicle from the docks and deliver it to the depot in Barking Essex to enable the trunks to be removed…” implying that the vehicle had been at Southampton Port from 14 08 2004 to 31 08 2004 inclusive. That BV charged me for storage of my vehicle in Southampton when it obviously was being driven in M'sex.

3. BV put petrol in my diesel engined vehicle, (I have the AA report as evidence) thereby causing long term damage. This he strenuously denied in an email dated 17-11-04.


Barrie Vandermolen also trades under the name AUTO-MARINE SHIPPING and SHIPPERS 2000.

Barrie Vandermolen's debt: 6000 USD